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Sklarczyk Seed Farm

Sklarczyk Seed Farm started in 1942 when Michael and Theresa Sklarczyk purchased a farm in Johannesburg, Michigan. What was first a small lab in the basement of their house has now grown into one of the largest seed potato producing companies in Michigan. Currently, Sklarczyk Seed Farms is operated by Don and Ben Sklarzyk as well as 6 other full time staff. The operation consists of 3 poly-top greenhouses, a 5 bay glasshouse, and a laboratory devoted specifically to seed potato tissue culture. Over 4 million seed potatoes are produced in two crops each year, which are shipped throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, and the Middle East.

At Sklarczyk Seed Farm, they maintain varieties for cultivation in their own tissue culture laboratory. This area has restricted access, and is an isolated facility from the rest of the greenhouse operation. The lab houses all of their tissue culture propagation needs. Within the lab there are 2 separate growing rooms and plant cutting rooms, giving Sklarczyk Seed Farm the ability to isolate new plant technologies. Four clean air hoods are utilized for the monthly cutting of plant lines, along with the use of our sterilizer to clean all utensils required for propagation. There is a prep kitchen for making and sterilizing the media used to grow our plantlets.

Sklarczyk Seed Farms works hard to keep the most up-to-date equipment and is proud to stick by their mission “To provide peace of mind to our partners, Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC will deliver high quality mini tubers while embracing sustainable practices that will benefit society and the surrounding environment”. 

Community involvement is an important aspect of Sklarczyk Seed Farms. They are proud to have been a member of the Michigan Adopt A Highway program since 1996. Don Sklarczyk is also very active on the Johannesburg-Lewiston School Board and the farm supports local programs whenever possible.

Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC recognizes the importance of earth friendly sustainable practices and the benefits they will provide for our future generations. That is why they were the first farm in Otsego County and one of the first Greenhouse operations in Michigan to become verified under the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP).  Sklarczyk Seed Farms is proud to have been MAEAP certified since 2007.

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