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Download the 2017 Potato Research Report, Volume #49

Published February, 2018

Includes reports on the various research projects being funded by the Michigan Potato Industry Commission with grower dollars.

Projects range from genetics and varietal development, entomology, pathology, soil health, nutrient response and storage activities.

2016 Variety Trial Data

2016 Chipstock Variety Trials

View statewide and site-specific data on 24 chipping varieties with comparative data from 14 different locations in Michigan
2016 Russet Variety Trials

View statewide and site-specific data on 38 russet potato varieties from 11 different locations in Michigan.
2016 Non-russet Variety Trials

View statewide and site-specific data on 55 varieties including yellow skinned, red skinned, round white and novelty varieties from 10 different locations in Michigan. 

Recent Extension Bulletins

Managing Soil Health for Root and Tuber Crops

MSU Bulletin E-3343    Sept. 2016

Practices that build SOM and appropriate microbial diversity have been shown to improve soil structure, increase nutrient availability and suppress soil-borne diseases, resulting in higher crop yields and improved quality.

Tuber Soft Rot, Blackleg and Aerial Stem Rot

MSU Bulletin E-3335                    March 2016

Tuber soft rot, blackleg and aerial stem rot are important potato diseases caused by closely related species of bacteria.