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Michigan Potatoes
By The Numbers

110 calories
45% daily value of vitamin C
620 mg of potassium
0 fat
0 cholesterol
0 gluten



Potatoes are a potassium powerhouse! One serving of potatoes can provide 18% of the DV for potassium – meaning it is an excellent source of this key nutrient. A medium potato has significantly more potassium than a medium banana (420 mgs.), often touted for its potassium content, and much more per serving than other produce items, including broccoli at 460 mgs. and sweet potatoes at 440 mgs

Vitamin C

The vitamin C content of a medium potato is about 27 milligrams – or 45% of the DV, making it an excellent source of this key antioxidant that is also thought to support immune system health.
This means that a medium potato has about the same vitamin C as a medium tangerine and a bit more than a medium tomato. It is also a good reason to cook potatoes in their skins, to retain as much vitamin C and other water soluble vitamins as possible.


Most Americans eat only half the recommended amount of daily fiber. Supplying 8% of the Daily Value (DV) for fiber, a medium potato has about the same amount of fiber as 1/2 grapefruit or 1 raw carrot and much more than most leafy vegetables. Many people think of the skin as the high fiber portion of the potato; however, about two-thirds of the total fiber content is inside, in the delicious flesh of the potato!